Stick Run

    Stick run is an action game developed by Blobzone. It is a very interesting game which you can fall in love with right after playing it for the first time.

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About the Stick run

    In Stick run game, you play as a guy who is very thin. His arms and legs are as thin as matches. The mission of the game is run from the start point till the finish point. On the way to the finish point, there are so many hills, and very high pillars which you have to jump across. Running on plane path is very easy, running down the hills is even easier, but jumping up to the top of the pillars is very difficult.

    There are ten levels that you have to pass through. All of the missions of the ten levels are similar. All you have to do is running and jumping.


    It is very hard for you to jump up to the top of the pillars. The pillars are so high that you may feel that mission is impossible. Additionally, there are jumping lessons which can make you crazy. You have to jump across sequential high pillars. On the usual paths there is land under the pillars, but in the jumping lessons, under the pillars are gulfs. If you can jump up to the top of the pillars, you will fall into the gulfs and die. However, the times you can try are unlimited. You can try as many times as you want. If you try again, the lessons are back to the start point, not where you have dead.



    The controls of this game are very simple.
– Use your mouse to click new game to start
– Use up and right arrow keys to make the main character in the game move.


    There are nearly no options in the game. You even can’t turn off the music and sound if you want to play in silent.

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